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Global Express Private Jet Charter

With Sovereign’s Global Express private jet charter you can travel by air with the promise of unparalleled luxury and performance for the duration of your flight. Avoid the queues, delays and crowds by choosing to charter your own private jet on your own terms with times selected to fit in with your schedule. Everything is tailored to suit your personal requirements and we are proud to be your number one choice for singular, seamless air travel solutions.

Our bespoke services have always maintained the highest level of quality control and regulatory compliance since operational procedures are regularly evaluated to identify any areas for improvement. As a result of keeping up such uncompromising levels of safety, crew and passengers are in safe hands travelling in an aircraft that is in the best possible condition for their flight.

Global Express Private Jet Charter

What does the Global Express have to offer?

Sovereign customers are able to rest peacefully in the passenger cabin, away from any crew activity, which we believe is really important on long journeys as we understand how precious your time is. Not only are your surroundings stylish and comfortable, passengers can also breathe easy as the air is constantly refreshed and the pressure is kept at a comfortable level. The Global Express is a luxury aircraft that will meet the exacting demands of even the most demanding client; this jet has plentiful space for luggage, an entertainment console and a choice of configuration options to name just a few of the fantastic features on offer.

A private jet charter company you can trust

More than 40 years of industry experience has furnished our specialist team with unrivalled knowledge which allows us to better inform our clients and provide assistance, so you can rest assured that our service is the best in the business.

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