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Private Aircraft Management Services

Our management team has many years of experience providing private aircraft management services to owners of a wide range of aircraft types. There is a lot more to aircraft ownership than meets the eye and it takes trained specialists to successfully balance the many elements and responsibilities involved.

Working with Sovereign Business Jets means that you can enjoy all of the wonderful positives of owning an aircraft without concerning yourself with the potential stress of operation and maintenance. There is also the highly recommended option of adding your aircraft to our Air Operating Certificate, in order to off-set ownership costs since revenue can be generated through our charter sales department.

Private Aircraft Management Services business jet

Professional management services for a wide range of private aircraft types

Our professional, discreet solutions take care of everything for you, saving you valuable time and effort. Over the years we have operated a variety of aircraft types that have included Challenger 300, Hawker 800XP, 800B, 750, 700B, Learjet 45,  40XR, Citation VI and Citation 550. A rigorous Safety Management System and Compliance Management Program ensure that expert maintenance is guaranteed at all times.

Sovereign Business Jets’ jet management services are as follows:

  • Ownership & Management – every detail including flight operations, flight crew, hangarage, insurance, maintenance management and fuel purchasing is managed.
  • Charter Management – blend your personal travel requirements with the financial benefits and tax advantages of commercial operation.
  • Private Management – Sovereign Business Jets become the legal operator, responsible for the safe and proper operation, minimising the liability of the aircraft owner.
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management – your aircraft records will be stored and updated by a professional, approved organization.

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