• London Telephone: 01959 580777
  • Private Jet Charter To Verbier, Switzerland

  • London Telephone: 01959 580777
  • Private Jet Charter To Verbier, Switzerland

    Travelling by private jet charter to Verbier, Switzerland is a unique experience and Sovereign Business Jets offers clients the very best in private jet travel. As a team we have years of experience and we are recognised industry-wide for our exemplary, highly personalised customer service. Attention to detail is one of our biggest strengths and safety is our main focus; Sovereign ensures the highest level of safety for all crew and passengers through strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures. We have the best pilots, flight attendants and operations team in the industry to ensure we deliver an outstanding service to all clients.

    Sovereign is the bespoke air travel service provider of choice for our database of returning clients who agree that there is no-one else they would rather fly with. We are confident that after trying our private jet charter to Verbier, Switzerland you will return again and again. Our prices are very competitive and because of the transparent all inclusive pricing policy we offer there will not be no hidden extra charges like catering or luggage allowance.

    Travelling by private jet is second to none

    Private jet travel is an altogether different experience than scheduled charter, enabling you to fly in style and comfort. You choose the aircraft, the airports, the catering and even the people you wish to fly with be they colleagues, friends or family. With Sovereign Business Jets you can be through security and on your way in just ten minutes, saving so much time compared to airport security and queues.

    Call 01959 580 777 to speak to one of our charter specialists about your private jet charter to Verbier, Switzerland or complete the enquiry form at the top of this page


    Flight Time

    Nearest Airport

    From London UK

    Hawker 800B (8 pax):      1hr 25min

    Challenger 300 (9 pax):   1hr 25min

    Phenom 100 (4 pax):       1hr 30min


    Distance from Resort : 32 Miles

    Airport Codes: LSGS/SIR

    Country: Switzerland