IN 2021

The aviation industry predicts a YoY volume growth of 20% for entry-level private jet charters in 2021

Since the pandemic’s outbreak, European business aviation has shown particular resilience, growing stronger while commercial aviation suddenly sank into a crisis.

More and more affluent flyers have started to charter private jets for essential business travel across Europe. The Air-Taxi service is booming and shows no signs of letting up as travel restrictions are lifted.

Biosecurity is the determining factor here. When flying on a commercial airline, you may risk exposure to an average of 700 touchpoints compared to only 20 touchpoints on a private jet journey.

Business aviation has increased its competitive advantages over the airlines by providing a controlled travel bubble, an on-demand schedule and seamless connectivity.

Based on current signs Sovereign Business Jets is confident that entry-level jet charters will see an additional 20 percent boost in 2021. As such we are increasing the fleet we can offer in the entry level jet arena, improving customer services to be more responsive and ensuring we can meet demands for last minute availability that are now becoming the ‘new norm’.

‘After a difficult period we are excited to take on the challenges of the next 12 months, we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the entry level jet charter market and have engineered the business to meet this demand’ said Barry Chalmers MD of Sovereign Business Jets.

Benefits of Private Jet Travel vs Commercial Travel

Here’s just a few of the reasons why when you fly with Sovereign Business Jets you have peace of mind:

  • No crowded terminals, filled with people from countries all across the world; we only use smaller private terminals and VIP lounges or you may even walk right onto the plane as soon as you arrive.
  • No lengthy queues for security screening, customs and boarding procedures All private terminals, VIP lounges, FBOs that we use have undergone an in-house audit to ensure they are fully compliant in following our strict health & safety COVID-19 procedures
  • On a private jet you only interact with a handful of other people – whoever you bring with you, your pilots and any cabin crew.
  • We ensure all aircraft used follow EASA’s (European Aviation Safety Agency) recommendations for passenger and crew safety and are equipped with protective healthcare and sanitary equipment kit
  • Aircraft are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before and after every flight
  • All crew are subject to rigorous testing both on and off duty. Should any observe a low-grade fever or other symptoms related to CoVid-19 they are not considered fit to fly.
20% Growth on Entry Level Private Jet Charter

Fly private. Fly safe. Fly Sovereign

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