Entry Level Jet Sales Are Booming in 2021

Since the pandemic’s outbreak, European business aviation has shown particular resilience, growing stronger while commercial aviation suddenly sank into a crisis.

More and more affluent flyers have started to charter private jets for essential business travel across Europe and business is set to continue rising with a 20% growth up on 2020 being predicted by Aviation experts.

This charter boom has had a positive knock-on effect to aircraft sales. Interestingly we are seeing that the majority of our clients are new first time buyers, who are keen to protect themselves, family and colleagues. This trend is not going to go away and as travel restrictions are lifted we are seeing interest levels increase even furthur.

In particular the entry level jet is proving hugely popular as new clients dip their toes into the world of jet ownership with an aircraft that can hop comfortably around Europe at a relatively low price point.

As a response to this demand Sovereign Business Jets are purchasing low hour entry level aircraft such as the CJ1, CJ2 and Learjet 45XR which are perfect for the missions our clients are looking for.

The aircraft are then given a complete over-haul with new leather seats, wool carpets, and leather side-walling, refurbished cabinetry, a new exterior paint scheme and up-to-date avionics.

“Effectively the aircraft are like new when they leave us, refurbished to a very high standard of luxury, with fully compliant avionics. We only purchase aircraft with very low hours and are able to offer a fully managed service giving clients the option of chartering the aircraft to offset against operating costs if desired” said Barry Chalmers MD of Sovereign Business Jets.

Entry Level Jet Sales Are Booming

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