Here at Sovereign we pride ourselves on providing the best in private air travel, and with our excellent concierge service your journey is made simple as we handle everything for you.

We have a network of executive aircraft handling agents who will have invaluable knowledge about your travel destination, offering helpful advice to help you make the most of your visit. No matter where you plan to fly to, we are here to assist you every step of the way, as we have superior local knowledge to call upon. As part of our concierge service we will arrange chauffeur cars which are perfect for a stress-free travel experience; travel in style and enjoy the privacy of having your own driver with this luxury service.

concierge service

Sovereign Business Jets provide high quality concierge services

Helicopter transfers are quick and simple with Sovereign and for those staying overnight, hotels can be booked on your behalf.  Our concierge service also includes dinner recommendations and because of our amazing contacts you are guaranteed the quality service you are looking for. Sovereign’s consultants take care of all your needs in a discreet and professional manner, ensuring a stress-free experience. We provide a singular, seamless solution to bespoke air travel and our personal customer service is second to none.

Our experienced team understands how valuable your time is and, by choosing to fly with us, all worries about waiting in queues, searching for a parking space and getting held up by security delays are a thing of the past. Private jet charter allows you to bypass overcrowded terminals, inconvenient routing and having your privacy invaded; with Sovereign, it is always your schedule on your own terms. Our services are cost-effective, covering domestic and worldwide flights which are made easy because of our UK-based corporate headquarters.

To find out more about our concierge services:

Please get in touch with one of our specialists by filling out our short contact form or calling us to discuss your requirements.


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