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Super Light Aircraft Charter

Charter a super light aircraft with Sovereign today and we promise a first-class experience. These aircraft offer plenty of cabin space, comfortably seating 7-8 passengers as well as having a great amount of room for luggage. A popular choice for those looking forward to a weekend of outdoor winter sports, a super light aircraft has ample ski storage and this size is ideal for many other reasons; these include fuel efficiency and the fact that this economical option is cost-effective whilst still providing a comfortable way to travel by air.

Planning a ski trip? Travel in style by flying in a luxury super light aircraft

Super light aircraft are a fantastic choice for short to medium trips as they are roomy and great value for money. Our charter services are second to none and we have clients worldwide who choose to fly with us again and again. We provide bespoke air travel solutions and there are many jet sizes to choose from such as ‘Head of State’, ‘Long Range’, ‘Mid Size’, ‘Light’ and ‘Turbo Prop’. Each has its own benefits, however we guarantee an unbeatable experience no matter how you choose to fly with Sovereign.

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As a team we ensure the highest levels of safety for our passengers, their aircraft and our crew as safety is our biggest priority. Sovereign Business Jets are members of the Baltic Aircraft Charter Association, British Business & General Aviation Association (BBGA) and holds Air Operator Certificate GB2393. We maintain the highest level of regulatory compliance equivalent to the major airlines and are continually adapting our service and capability to match the ever changing operational environment.


Seats: 7 – 8

Speed: 486 – 560 mph

Range/km: 3,000 – 3,700km

Flight Duration: 4hr 30 mins


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