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    The Company

    The company’s aim is to provide a singular, seamless solution to bespoke air travel, delivered with expert and highly personalised customer service.   Our comprehensive range of private aviation services are at a new, unrivalled level of quality control previously unknown in the sector.

    Sovereign Business Jets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Castle Air Limited. Castle Air is a premier aviation service provider with forty years of operating experience.  It is a renowned and financially sound AOC (Air Operator Certificate) holder and aircraft owner, with in-depth experience in aviation charter, sales, engineering & management.

    Sovereign are a leading provider of Aircraft management, charter services, sales and more.

    Safety Click here to see Sovereign Business Jet’s emphasis on the role of our SMS in every day operations
    Compliance Click here to see how Sovereign Business Jet operate to ensure compliance with internal procedures and regulations
    Accreditations Click here to see a list of our accreditations and our AOC license details